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It seems that in 2020 every business strives to develop either a web & mobile app or a marketplace. No matter what kind of software you plan to create, everything starts with market research (check out our comprehensive analysis of market research for new app development).

So, market research is like a homework you struggle to do, but without it, you won’t be admitted to exams and get your diploma.

Briefly about the concept

Marketing research is a set of activities that a team performs to find out more about the target audience and industries. It describes the market, target audience, and marketing activities used to succeed in the industry.

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You can have a fast and intuitive platform and even gather an active community. However, it all doesn’t count if you can’t securely accept and process payments. For marketplaces, the reliability of an online marketplace payment gateway equals the success of the platform.

Any type of marketplace — be it B2B, B2C, peer-to-peer, two-sided, or three-sided — handles a lot more financial operations. If you don’t have a safe payment online marketplace system to enable all these versatile transfers, your platform is done.

Benefits of using online marketplace payment solutions

Hi, we are Syndicode!

Dedicated team of 50+ engineers and designers delivering business-oriented software solutions with Ruby on Rails, Node.js, and more. We also put great emphasis on product design and UI/UX services. Syndicode creates visual and user experiences that attract the target audience for our business clients.

Syndicode was founded in 2014 by Dmytro Romanchenko. Let’s get to know Syndicode’s prime mover better.

Dmytro Romanchenko is the Managing Director of Syndicode. He is the highest-ranking executive with 15+ years of experience in leading tech teams. …



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